Month: September 2013

Why a SharePoint project is like building a house – Part 2 The Build

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By Simon Tyrrell, nSynergy Chief Strategy Officer. If you missed Part 1 please jump across and have a read before continuing on.

Where did we leave off? That’s right, my house project was about to enter the build phase and things got even spookier from a SharePoint project parallels standpoint.

The Build

Once we had selected the builder (note – the 3D walkthrough I mentioned in Part 1 was very helpful at this point) we went into build mode. Surprisingly, the whole experience was much less stressful than my wife and I had anticipated.

In hindsight I put this relative ease down to three key things: our relationship with the builder and his level of skill; the relationship between the builder and the designer; but most importantly, the fact that we had such a clear understanding of what the end result would be because of the process we went through in…

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How to create a list or library at the SharePoint 2013 Site

Hello again 🙂
Today i will show you how to create a list or library at the SharePoint 2013 site.

1) Log into your SharePoint 2013 site.
2) Click on the Settings icon and choose Add an App from the drop-down menu.


3) Choose the app you want to add (list or library) to SharePoint site.


4) Choose a name for your new list or library and click on Create.

5) Now you can see that your new library (list) has been created.


it is as easy as that :).

Problem saving documents edited in visio in sharepoint 2010

When the users open a visio document (from a sharepoint 2010 library), make changes and try to save they get this error…

Unable to get value of the property ‘eDocument’: object is null or undefined
URL: http://ourserver/_layouts/1033/bform.js
Do you want to continue running scripts on this page.

I have googled and found posts that suggest overwriting/adding js code from previous SP versions to this file in 2010 but I’m not sure that is a good idea.

When the doc properties are viewed there is missing mandatory data that was previously there before they tried to edit/save the document.

Somehow something is removing mandatory metadata and the getting itself confused.

This is not specific to a single document or library – it is consistent across the site collection

No other office docs have this problem.
Visio is set to open in the client application

Any help will be appreciated
Thank you