SharePoint 2013 – What and where is the recycle bin?

SharePoint 2013 – What and where is the recycle bin?
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A Question Mark With the recycle bin, deleted items can initially be restored by users without the need to involve a SharePoint administrator.  This provides an instant method of restoration for SharePoint items.  The recycle bin function consists of 2 stages.

1st Stage

Recycle Bin - SharePoint 2013The recycle bin is accessed by clicking on the settings “Cog” and selecting “Site Contents”.

The link is then available from the “Site Contents” page.  Alternatively, this can be accessed by adding “/_layouts/15/Recyclebin.aspx” to the end of your sites root URL.

If an item is deleted from the 1st stage recycle bin, it is moved to the 2nd stage where a site collection administrator can still restore it up
to a specified number of days. Items in this stage count towards the total size if any site quota is set.

Recycle Bin - SharePoint 2013

2nd Stage

Site Collection Recycle Bin - SharePoint 2013The 2nd stage recycle bin is available to site…

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