how to catch up after the summer vacation


If you are like me: you just came back from a long ( a month is long yes 🙂 ) vacation, then this post is for you.

A month is a very long time when you are working on technologies like O365 and Azure that evolve almost every day ! so it’s kinda hard to keep up sometimes.

So here is a list of articles that i am reading in order to catch up. Feel free to suggest some links/ articles to complete this list. I will be updating it reguraly.

Most of the articles i found interesting comes from Office Blogs ( no surprise there 🙂 )

The first one is on modern SharePoint lists and the integration with flow , i think this is one of the most remarquable changes this summer: click here 

The second article is the office 365 news roundup, again this is an excellent article to catch up click here

Another great article about Microsoft Booking: click here

( more articles to come)

i found this blog post that really got me excited, it’s about office groups and it explains ( the code is provided as well) how to identify obsolete O365 groups: click here 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post !


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