Yes! Yammer Will Work Together with Office 365 Groups!

A very insightful article about the future of Yammer and its integration with office 365

Serendipitous Signals

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. It always happens this way. I’ll be at a conference, having just got off stage, answered numerous questions and received business cards for follow ups. Then, despite what I’ve just very publicly and passionately expounded, people draw me aside, even other Microsoft MVPs and ask, “But really – is Yammer dead? Why are there so many places to have conversations? What should I tell my users to use? Do Groups compete with Yammer? Should we use both?” And my recent favorite – “Won’t Yammer be replaced by LinkedIn?” Sigh. I hear this FUD (almost) every day and at every conference I speak at, so here’s to setting the record straight and hopefully providing some insight along the way.

(Gentle reader, this post is Part 1 of 4, for ease of your consumption and we’re going to moving from the tactical to the strategic. Part 2 will be about Governance in Groups…

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