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My next 3 Sessions

Hello 🙂

I wanted to share with you my 3 sessions:

I will be a speaker in AOS Strasbourg 04/06 to talk about Teams implementation ( sold out).

I will give a full day  preconference about Microsoft 365 Usages in Paris, click here to subscribe

I will be a speaker in the MWCP 19 to talk about Governance in Teams ( hopefully) 🙂

Have a greta day !


Office 365 Major Updates: August 2018

Hello 🙂

For those who went on vacantion and missed the office 365 updates, here is a quick summary !

Microsoft Whiteboard

Source:    Office 365 Blog: Microsoft Whiteboard is now generally available for Windows

Products: Microsoft Whiteboard

On July 12th the Office team announced the Whiteboard app had moved out of preview and is now generally available on Windows 10.

With whiteboard, you can draw, write, and add images and virtual sticky notes to organize your ideas.  Designed for pen, touch, and keyboard, Whiteboard enables you to share your ideas naturally, in whichever form you prefer. Teammates can huddle around a large touchscreen in the same room or work together on their own devices from around the world.

With the Whiteboard app, your brainstorming sessions are saved automatically to the cloud, so you can pick up where you left off, whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. And because the canvas expands along with your creations, you never have to worry about running out of space.


Or more seriously 😊


To start using Whiteboard on your Windows 10 device, download the app for free at the Microsoft Store and log in with your Microsoft account or your Office 365 account.



Source:    OneDrive Blog: OneDrive Message Center Updates July 1st-15th

The OneDrive Activity Center is your go-to place to see the status of the OneDrive desktop client or to customize your sync experience. In mid-July, the OneDrive team started rolling out a new, updated OneDrive Activity Center to improve clarity and ease of use.

One of the star features is the new option for conserving battery life on Windows devices. The OneDrive desktop client will now automatically pause sync whenever a device switches to “battery saver” mode.


Of course, you’ll have the option to ‘Sync anyway’, which will un-pause the sync client. If you allow sync to remain paused, OneDrive will auto-resume the sync once it detects that the device is no longer in “battery saver” mode.


My Analytics Nudges

Source:    Microsoft 365 Blog: Introducing W orkplace Analytics solutions and MyAnalytics nudges

Microsoft Docs: MyAnalytics nudges in Outlook

MyAnalytics is a personalized set of metrics that helps you find opportunities to build better habits and take control of your time. It gives you insights into how you spend your time and provides tips that help you work smarter.

A new feature called MyAnalytics Nudges offers friendly, data-driven collaboration tips as you work in Office 365. For example, much of my work, including researching topics for this video series, requires focused and undivided attention. As I receive new meeting invitations on my already busy calendar, a MyAnalytics Nudge gives me a gentle reminder to set aside time for focused work before accepting the meeting invitation. I can see available time blocks on my calendar and reserve them for focused work without ever leaving my inbox.

MyAnalytics is included with Office 365 Enterprise E5 and is also available as an add-on with select plans. These new MyAnalytics nudges are currently available in preview for customers using both Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics. The Nudges will be rolling out in stages over the summer to enterprise customers using Outlook for the Web.


Source:    Office International Blog: Microsoft Kaizala mobile application now available in up to 18 languages

Office Products: Microsoft Kaizala

Microsoft Kaizala is a new mobile app that addresses the needs of deskless workers. It makes it easy to communicate and get work done out in the field, all on your iPhone or Android device. Kaizala gives field workers access to the tools they need to stay informed and work efficiently. The app makes it easy to get announcements from the main office, send feedback via polls or surveys, and chat with others workers either one-on-one or in groups.

Kaizala makes it easy to see where everyone is to coordinate work effectively. Its unique location-awareness feature makes it easy to request location information from others, send your geo-tagged location, or take and send a picture with the location auto-tagged.


The Kaizala team built the app on three core pillars:

  • The first is communication. It makes it easy to connect with large groups of people both inside and outside an organization.
  • The second pillar is work management. Kaizala simplifies the coordination of tasks for common work scenarios, and provides insights through advanced reporting.
  • The final pillar is security & manageability. Kaizala adheres to rigorous standards for security, privacy, and compliance. It also enables admins to easily manage users and control access to sensitive data.

Power BI

Source:    Power BI Blog: Power BI Service and Mobile June Feature Summary

Last month, the Power BI enabled sharing reports with filters and slicers applied!

Make sure the “Share with current filters and slicers” checkbox is selected in the Share pane, and people will see the report with your filters and slicers applied.

Power BI reports are shared via an email that contains a  URL to the report. If your recipients bookmark this URL, the linked report will retain the filters and slicers so the report will continue to display just as you intended.

Note that the feature is currently disabled for reports with custom visuals.

Live Events

Source:    Office 365 Blog: Announcing intelligent event capabilities in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Stream Blog: Microsoft Stream powers live events and brings intelligent video to Microsoft 365

Yammer Blog: Announcing intelligent event capabilities for Yammer in Office 365

Microsoft Teams Blog: Live events in Microsoft Teams

On July 12th, Microsoft announced that live event capabilities will be coming to Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer.  With this development, customers will be able to schedule, produce, and deliver live events more effectively for a variety of scenarios such as companywide events, leadership updates and more.

Live events enhance communities of any kind, by bringing people together around important moments or topics. While communities in Yammer foster two-way conversations, and Microsoft Teams enables team collaboration, live events enable you to effectively communicate news and updates to everyone across the organization, on any device.

Seamless integration across Office 365 means that you can use Microsoft Stream to deliver highly produced, studio-quality events that can be viewed in Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer, to reach the broadest audience possible.



A new set of intelligent features will soon be available in Microsoft Stream, including:

  • Speaker timelines that use facial detection to identify who is talking, so you can easily jump to a particular speaker in the recording;
  • speech-to-text and closed captions that capture the event in a readable form and make the content more accessible for everyone; and
  • transcript search and timecodes that let you quickly find moments that matter in a video.

This post is inspired by the different posts in the microsoft blog.

My future Office 356 and Microsoft 365 events

Hello 🙂

I wanted to share with you my future events:

  1. The Microsoft 365 Tour: the Rennes stop, 14/06,  i will be speaking with @Alan Degroise, P-Seller EMS Microsoft and @Jean Philippe Lesage, CSA from about GDPR, Auto-pilot and the different Tools and scenarios of Microsoft 365. To subscribe please click  here809d6a41-4255-4543-8509-9dce15420591-large
  2. AOS Aix en provence, 21/06,  i will be speaking about the new collaboration star of the office 365 Suit: Microsoft Teams. the session is called: Microsft Teams from brainstorming to deploiement. To subscribe please click  here
  3. Modern Workspace Conference Paris, 16/10, i will be speaking with Patrick Guimonet @patricg about the modern workspace and howto drive usage in office 365. To subscribe please click  here