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SharePoint 2016 new features


Here are few features of SharePoint 2016 summarized by the MVP ijay Kumar Sahoo (Biju):

– Update on SharePoint Foundation & Server: We might not like this one but, there will be no SharePoint Foundation 2016, only server version will be there and that is SharePoint Server 2016. Also there were lots of news were coming that Microsoft may not release an on premise version of SharePoint 2016, but as Bill said there will be on premise version of SharePoint 2016. So there will be both Cloud versions as well as on-premises versions of SharePoint 2016.
– UI Experience: It looks like the UI has not been modified much, because it looks similar look and feel of SharePoint 2013. But according to Bill there will be improved towards UI and Microsoft has not yet started on UI. So hopefully we will have a different attractive UI as well as a new LOGO.
But there is definitely improved in the mobile experience. Now its a new responsive UI which is helpful in rendering content perfectly in small devices like Mobile or Tablet.
– Zero downtime patching: Another surprise feature is that there will be no downtime for patching in SharePoint Server 2016 On-Premises. Patching is always time consuming and for that we usually have to plan the downtime which will be outside business hours. But in SharePoint 2016 there will be no downtime while patching. Interesting lets wait to see…
– Durable Links: Another feature is Durable links, You should not be worry about broken link even if the content moved. ID based URL’s will not change even if the content moved to another site or site collection. Cool will be very useful.
– No User Profile Service: Here is another big change, there will be no user profile in SharePoint 2016, only AD oneway sync out of the box.
– Upgrade Approach: SharePoint 2016 will only support SharePoint 2013 database attach upgrade. Check out more on this article.
– Authentication: Now in SharePoint server 2016, SAML claims is the default and recommended authentication mechanism.
– Delve and Office Graph: Microsoft has brought Delve and Office Graph to Office 365, which helps intelligently surface information to users from across Office 365, such as documents, conversations and other content.
– Boundaries and Limits: Here are few changes in boundaries and limits:
1- Content database size has been increased to TB’s.
2- Now there can be 100,000 site collections per content database.
3- List Threshold limit has been increased from 5000 to more.
4- Max file size is now 10GB and also removed character restrictions from file name. etc.
here is a link to the complete article