Is Microsoft Teams the future for office communications?

Microsoft Teams the star of the moment

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At a recent presentation on Office 365, the presenter started with Microsoft Teams and spent the next half hour or so demonstrating how it, not Outlook, had become the centre of his daily life. He didn’t mention the connection with Office 365 Groups until asked.

Is Microsoft Teams the future of office communications, replacing Outlook?

Teams was introduced to the Office 365 environment in late 2016. (See this video). At the time, it was described as ‘a true chat-based hub for teamwork and give customers the opportunity to create a more open, fluid, and digital environment.’ (

Many early reviews suggested that Teams was Microsoft’s response to Slack, but this comparison is simplistic. Teams has much more functionality than Slack.

How do Teams link into the Office 365 environment?

Teams is not an isolated application in the Office 365 (O365) environment. It has direct links with O365 Groups.


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Speaker IN m SharePoint Days Tunisia


I will be a speaker at the SharePoint Days in Tunisia this week (24/2/2017- 25/2/2017).


I will be presenting 2 sessions (in French)

Introduction à Microsoft Flow : ce que tout consultant SharePoint doit savoir” (with Serge Luca)


“Office 365 : Teams VS Groups”


see you there

Microsoft Teams is in the house :)


Microsoft annouced yesterday at an event in New York City, the launch of  Microsoft Teams—the new chat-based workspace in Office 365 !

In fact Microsoft Teams is the latest addition to Office 365, that makes it easier for you to chat in groups, socialize, and collaborate. I’ll walk you through how to activate preview in your tenant.

  1. Please go to the O365 Admin center
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on Apps
  4. Click on Microsoft Teams

cwub3pjwqaed1by ” The screenshots are provided by  . Thank you Patrick :)”

5. Turn Microsoft Teams on for your entire organization.

6. Enable the 2 Bots options ( please look at the screenshot below). This step is optional.

7. Save the configuration


8.and Bingo 🙂


Yes! Yammer Will Work Together with Office 365 Groups!

Yes! Yammer Will Work Together with Office 365 Groups!

A very insightful article about the future of Yammer and its integration with office 365

Serendipitous Signals

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. It always happens this way. I’ll be at a conference, having just got off stage, answered numerous questions and received business cards for follow ups. Then, despite what I’ve just very publicly and passionately expounded, people draw me aside, even other Microsoft MVPs and ask, “But really – is Yammer dead? Why are there so many places to have conversations? What should I tell my users to use? Do Groups compete with Yammer? Should we use both?” And my recent favorite – “Won’t Yammer be replaced by LinkedIn?” Sigh. I hear this FUD (almost) every day and at every conference I speak at, so here’s to setting the record straight and hopefully providing some insight along the way.

(Gentle reader, this post is Part 1 of 4, for ease of your consumption and we’re going to moving from the tactical to the strategic. Part 2 will be about Governance in Groups…

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Journée AOS Aix-en-Provence: L’événement à ne pas rater !


Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à notre premier événement dédié aux technologies Microsoft à Aix-en-Provence!

Cet événement organisé par la communauté internationale aOS (Azure, Office 365, SharePoint ) aura lieu le 06 septembre prochain au sein des locaux de l’école Ingesup.

Cette journée totalement gratuite sera pour vous l’occasion d’assister à de nombreuses présentations vous permettant de découvrir les nouveautés autour des technologies collaboratives Microsoft.

Ce sera également l’occasion de poser vos questions et d’échanger avec les nombreux experts présents lors de cette journée.

Soyez nombreux 😉

how to catch up after the summer vacation


If you are like me: you just came back from a long ( a month is long yes 🙂 ) vacation, then this post is for you.

A month is a very long time when you are working on technologies like O365 and Azure that evolve almost every day ! so it’s kinda hard to keep up sometimes.

So here is a list of articles that i am reading in order to catch up. Feel free to suggest some links/ articles to complete this list. I will be updating it reguraly.

Most of the articles i found interesting comes from Office Blogs ( no surprise there 🙂 )

The first one is on modern SharePoint lists and the integration with flow , i think this is one of the most remarquable changes this summer: click here 

The second article is the office 365 news roundup, again this is an excellent article to catch up click here

Another great article about Microsoft Booking: click here

( more articles to come)

i found this blog post that really got me excited, it’s about office groups and it explains ( the code is provided as well) how to identify obsolete O365 groups: click here 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post !